Harvest awaits


When harvest is waiting ,

When the land is ripe and ready,

When the air smell of freshly sheared hay,

There I’ll be laying under last warm days,

When the world opens her arms,

Giving all she can,

Life’s secret laid before you ,

She has revealed her master plan..




Hair Stylist: Hora Jozefina

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My skin takes a long slow breath of sundried air,

As the wind slips through the spirals of my hair,

As my sunkissed lips taste sweet on my tongue,

As my ears fill with whispers leaves now fallen once have sung..



MUA+Hairstylist : Judit Farkas

Model: Rose @ OMG Model Management

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Down Under




In a land where mermaids swim the coast and crocs bask on its banks,

Where Never Never and Oz exist and Crow eaters lie await,

Where Joeys join the mob and sunnies shade my eyes,

Where a Swaggie sips his longneck dust his only disguise,

Where the Root Rats hunt for Sheilas and Roadies are slipped on the ride,

Where the Prezzies you get on Chrissie could be Lollies or Chewies if you’re an Ankle Biter’s size..


MUA+ Hairstylist : Judit Farkas

Model: Rose @ OMG Model Management