Along the Bayou , Part 1 of 3



Along the Bayou and in the stream,

In the shallows where the ripples gleam,

There she waits for a time and more,

Waits for him to swim back on shore,


For last she saw he slipped away,

Of in search of the Great Bay,

Where heroes fought and legends were made,

But was it better than if he stayed,


For never would he know,

Unless under the waterfall he would go,

And through the cave he would find ,

The path that stood the test of time,


And when at last the bay he found,

His heart heaved heavy on the ground,

For there left the one true thing,

That would make his daring heart sing….






IMG_4836cIMG_4847c   IMG_4909cIMG_4811cIMG_4832cIMG_4760cIMG_4859cIMG_4900c IMG_4919c IMG_4939c


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