The missing portraits from 2012 ,photography


Since we are now well into 2013 I decided to post a few more of the photos that got skipped over in 2012, so we can officially say “Adieu” to 2012. It was a beautiful year, we will miss you!


IMG_0129c IMG_0216-2c IMG_0241c IMG_5000c IMG_5019cc IMG_5030c IMG_5032c IMG_5471cc IMG_5526c IMG_5531c IMG_5558c IMG_5726c IMG_5763c IMG_5783c IMG_5812c IMG_5821c IMG_5842c IMG_5947c IMG_5974c IMG_7067c IMG_7070c IMG_7126c IMG_7178c IMG_7191c IMG_7356cc IMG_8007sc IMG_8786c IMG_8799c IMG_9020c IMG_9137cc IMG_9398c IMG_9424c IMG_9434c IMG_9478c IMG_9653bg IMG_9830c


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