First Morning Shoot!

“And I wake-up! Put on my…” the sound of Lillix’s “Tomorrow” blasting on my phone’s alarm.  Already 4:30? It felt like only minutes since I closed my eyes last night. Went rinsed of my face, the cold water felt good on my hot skin. Recently its been in the mid-twenties every night , and I still haven’t gotten around to pulling out my fan for the summer. Went down to the kitchen grabbed a apple took a few bites, “lets do this” went back upstairs pickup up my gear and keys and headed out the door. The morning air was a little cooler outside , but still not enough for anything but a T-shirt. Drove over to the neighboring town to pick up Laura, and off we drove. Since I’ve never done a shoot in the morning I was surprised by how fast the sun rises ,compared to how slow it sets. By the time we arrived at our destination it was 5:30 and the sun rays were already starting to get hot. So we shot away, and by 6:10 the sun was already to bright and hot to work with so we headed back . The perfect way, to start a beautiful day.


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