Little Squaws

It was drizzling softly, the weather forecast for the afternoon was thunder and lighting . So I called the models to see if they thought we should still do it , or just rain-check it to a different day. So first we decided that its probably better to do it on another day, instead of risking becoming  human lighting rods. But , the why not popped into our heads. We all decided that yes the weather report say it might rain , thunder, and even be a lighting storm. But they’ve been wrong before and its hard to find a date where we all had time. So we chose to just go with it and worst case scenario we’d all just go home. But fortune smiled on us and by the time we got out there the rain had dissipated leaving only their clouds in the sky. So we suited up and shot away, it was one of the funnest shoots yet. And to think we might have missed it due to some weather mans poor forecast .


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