Cosplay , Budapest 2012!

Cosplay! Yesterday I heard there was gonna be a Cosplay+Geek Exbo , so I jumped into a costume and joined in on the fun. Got there about 10:30 but the line still stretched out of my sight. Walking around you started to see everything from soldiers to Chewbacca .

Once I got inside it turned into a different world. From Street Fighters to Avatars the place was a buzz. 

It was like a big dress-up party , they even had dance show, drawing competitions, and best dressed comps as well.

They had places where ppl showcased there art work , sushi, and comic books galore.

This was one of the dance troupes.

These guys were advertising a new haunted house in Budapest , yikes….

Now I remember why  I used to play Tomb Raider..

All these costumes made my head start thinking , maybe I should have a costume photoshoot…..


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