March 2012 , Frankfurt and the Music Messe

Woke up at dawn, checked my checklist , grabbed some breakfast, and went out to catch my ride to Frankfurt. We had to get an early start because we had a dinner appointment at six that night, since it takes a good twelve hours. Once we started driving, the sun barely up , the air still a little fresh. The roadtrip nostalgia swept through us, as signs of Hungarian cities started to turn into signs of upcoming Austrian ones. I started to dose off, only awakening after we had crossed the Austrian boarder. Giant Windmills surrounding us on both sides of the highway, Vienna was just around the corner. With signs and billboards all in German you definitely started to get in the German mood.

Then next came crossing the German boarder with eco-friendly solar panels lining the barn roofs, you could see technology prospering here. Then we got on the legendary Autobahn , but unfortunately , they now have speed limits on most of their Highway.

Once we arrived in Frankfurt we unpacked and then went out for a little stroll , before dinner. Frankfurt, is such a fit town. From Jogging in the parks , and on the sidewalks. To exercise machines in big showcase windows, with the people using them looking like they are on display. After getting back we all got a good night’s sleep for the next day. Music Messe (Music Fair) is where hundreds of instrument designers and companies get together to display the latest technologies in the music industry. From hand sculpted guitars to digital instrument packages the Music Messe had it all.

After going to all the places had planned to visit, I sat down in the Gibson /Epiphone guitar corner and just spent a hour playing their beautiful guitars. Then as dusk was settling in I headed out to town to see a little of this beautiful city before I had to leave, also adding some shots for my” Street Style “page . The center was bustling and busy with people from all over the world ,whether for business or pleasure , walking its cobblestone streets. With a wide variety of street artist peddling their goods, under the modern architectural structures.

We then went a nice little quaint German restaurant on the outskirts of town . Where a bubbly German lady cooked us a nice German schnitzel with potatoes and salad. Then we headed off into the night , destination… home…..


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